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Founded in 2004, Qsan Technology is the specialist providing a complete product line of network storage including iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel SAN & Unified Storage for worldwide enterprises and SMB. Qsan products deliver the best price-performance value to help budget- constrained customers greatly enhance the efficiency in the working environment.

Product Awards & Reviews
IT Pro (United Kingdom) IT Pro Value
November, 2014
TrioNAS LX U300
Top value; Plenty of storage features as standard; Massive capacity; High expansion potential. Qsan’s affordable array combines triple- play storage services with a big capacity.
IT Pro (United Kingdom) IT Pro Recommended
March, 2014
AegisSAN Q500-P20
Excellent value; Dual active controllers; 10-Gigabit ready; Good performance. Qsan's AegisSAN Q500-P20 appliance delivers an affordable 10-Gigabit IP SAN solution to SMBs.
IT Professional (Poland) Editor's recommendation award by IT Professional
February, 2014
TrioNAS U221
Cheap NAS solution for small and medium businesses typically do not impress performance measures. Among the file servers for SMEs you can find elaborate solutions such as Qsan TrioNAS U221. "IT Professional" recommends Qsan TrioNAS U221. The product received high scores in the test published in issue 02/2014 of the monthly "IT Professional".
IT Pro (United Kingdom) IT Pro Value
December, 2013
TrioNAS U221
Qsan's storage appliance combines fast 10GbE performance with ZFS data protection and it's good value.
Hardware for You (Italy) Hardware for you prize of Best-Buy
Prize of Best-Buy
November, 2013
TrioNAS U210
We can give Qsan's U210 the prize of Best-Buy, given the excellent performance, the excellent quality of the hardware components that make it up (we reiterate the presence of two redundant power supplies, modular, 80+ platinum certified PSU) and the simplicity / intuitiveness of use administration software.
PC Pro (United Kingdom) PC Pro Recommend
October, 2013
AegisSAN LX P600Q
A 10GbE IP SAN disk array with total redundancy, top performance and good expansion potential, all at a reasonable price.
IT Pro (United Kingdom) IT Pro Value
August, 2013
AegisSAN LX P600Q
Qsan's affordable IP SAN appliance has performance, redundancy and expansion high on its agenda.
Storage Magazine (United Kingdom) IT Pro Value
June, 2013
Runner up of "One to watch" company
PC Pro (United Kingdom) PC Pro Recommend
April, 2013
TrioNAS LX U400Q
The U400Q-S316 is a member of Qsan's new TrioNAS LX family of storage appliances, and its first to combine NAS, IP SAN and cloud backup operations. It offers very good expansion potential, and the ZFS file system provides plenty of NAS, IP SAN, snapshot and replication features.
IT Pro (United Kingdom) IT Pro Value
March, 2013
TrioNAS LX U400Q
The U400Q-S316 delivers plenty of storage features and expansion potential for the price and is better value than Netgear's ReadyDATA appliance.
SVC Award (United Kindom) SVC award
Storage Networking Product of the Year
November, 2012
TrioNAS LX U400Q
The awards recognizes the users, manufacturers and suppliers operating in the storage, virtualization and cloud computing fields in the European market. TrioNAS LX U400Q provides UnifiedAUTH feature to greatly increase the IT management simplicity.
Computex Taipei (Taiwan) Best Choice Award
June, 2012
TrioNAS LX U600Q
U600Q integrates SAN, NAS storage and cloud service on a single RAID system and provides high CP unified storage system. U600Q also provides UnifiedAUTH software to reduce MIS’s work loading as well as excellent SSD caching design to increase the reaction time of  R/W and I/O.
PC Pro (United Kingdom) PC Pro Recommend
May, 2012
AegisSAN P300Q
There’s little reason to criticise the P300Q-D212. This IP SAN disk array is a good choice for SMBs running critical apps, since it offers plenty of hardware redundancy, and good speed and value.
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